Solder Paste

ALPHA® WS-820 is the newest Alpha brand lead free, halide free, solder paste, offering the ideal combination of printability and reflow profile process window with excellent cleanability in a lead free alloy solder paste.

ALPHA® WS-820 was formulated to meet the requirements of water soluble solder lead free applications, and it was developed to increase the reflow profile window of WS-819, while offering exceptional post reflow cleanability and low BGA voiding. 

This paste is designed to enable users of ALPHA® WS-609, WS-709 and WS-809 and other leading water soluble paste brands to comply with RoHS and customer based demand for lead free materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent print volume and print volume repeatability down to 12 mil (0.3mm) features
  • Able to spread and wet using straight ramp or soak reflow profiles in air
  • High spread/wetting lead free paste compatible with lead free alloys and surface finishes
  • High Reflow Yield with IPC Class II Voiding Performance when used to solder BGA components
  • Excellent wetting characteristics on all common surface finishes (including Entek HT OSP). JIS Spread 88.6% on Entek HT OSP.
  • Cleanable with water based cleaning systems

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