ALPHA® Cleanline 7000

ALPHA® Cleanline 7000 is a very low residue flux core wire solder designed for no-clean hand soldering applications. The flux core provides sufficient activity to solder successfully to bare copper and other demanding applications. The unique blend of resin and proprietary non-halide activators provide rapid wetting, while leaving minimal levels of post-soldering residue. This residue is optically clear, soft and easy-to-probe, tack-free and non-corrosive. In some circumstances and over time the residue can have a white milky appearance.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent wetting, high activity for ease of soldering.
  • Unique flux system in which flux constituents volatilize at soldering temperatures leaving very low amounts of soft, optically clear residue. This minimizes false rejects in pin testing and provides excellent board cosmetics.
  • Halide-free and meets Bellcore requirements for high reliability assemblies.
  • If desired, post soldering residues can be cleaned with hot water for residue removal when desired.
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