Devices and equipment used in the proliferation of global communications continue to develop in terms of functionality and complexity. Faster data transmission speeds, increased data storage, smaller form factors and sustainable business practices are just some of the issues that drive this industry. Alpha has the products and services needed to ensure that assemblers have the solutions they need to address these and other important board assembly concerns.

5G MacDermid Alpha    

Enabling 5G From Start to Finish

Alpha has high reliability joining and soldering material solutions for electronic assemblies used in a broad range of 5G related equipment; from wearable and handheld mobile devices to antennas and high speed infrastructure hardware.

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Mobile Phones and Wearable Devices

Mobile devices represent the leading edge of assembly technology due to their size and complexity. Manufacturers of mobile phones and wearable devices value high performance and sustainable solder materials, as well as, creative solutions to enable this miniaturization trend.

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power supply 


Power Supply

Power supply assemblies are used across a wide spectrum of devices and equipment in virtually all electronic markets. Modern power supplies are manufactured all over the world and, as a result, there are a wide variety of board materials, components and process conditions used.

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Camera Modules and Flexible Circuit Board Assembly 

Assemblies in this segment are used in smartphones, some wearable electronics and a variety of other non-communications related devices. Camera modules are generally quite small and use components which are sensitive to a variety of mechanical stresses.

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Network Infrastructure Servers, Routers, Switches, Antennas and Wireless Modems 

Devices in this category support the high speed, uninterrupted transmission of an ever increasing amount of electronic communications data circulating globally and enabling the growth in the Internet of Things. This equipment is generally complex and powerful in design.

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