Alpha Die Attach

Die Attach

Alpha, as the world leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative materials used in the electronics industry, also offers the most exceptional and versatile range of materials for die attach used in semiconductor packaging and LED markets.

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Alpha Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

Solder paste and solder preforms are the two most commonly used solder materials for SMT PCB assembly.  Alpha offers a number of solder pastes, solder preforms and surface mount adhesives ideal for SMT processing to increase throughput and decease potential reliability defects.

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Alpha Wave Soldering Applications

Wave Soldering

ALPHA® Soldering Alloys and Liquid Soldering Flux provide excellent soldering and reliability while meeting demanding process and environmental requirements.  Companies trust Alpha’s materials to deliver optimized throughput and performance.  Our wave soldering product solutions provide high quality and consistent soldering for a complete range of applications.

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Alpha Selective Soldering Applications

Selective Soldering

There has been a rapid increase in the use of selective soldering equipment for PCB assembly. This is primarily due to the decrease in the number of through hole devices designed into boards along with the reduced equipment investment required. Because the selective soldering process is so much different than wave soldering, Alpha has developed and qualified a variety of high performing, cost effective soldering materials for use in selective soldering processes.

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Alpha Rework Applications


Alpha’s soldering products have been formulated for the desoldering and resoldering operations in rework processes.  The intricate connections of the BGAs and CSAs in today’s electronic devices require Alpha’s high quality solder pastes that prevent unwanted phenomenon, such as bridging. Our products, which are easily applied to aid in the precise alignment of the component for resolder, offer enhanced performance and low residue for reduced defects.

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Alpha Solder Paste Jetting and Dispensing

Paste Jetting and Dispense

Production flow, flexibility, set-up and changeover times are greatly enhanced with the use of Alpha soldering pastes in automated dispensing and jet printing.  The flux in Alpha’s solder paste prevents oxidation during reflow, while the solder powder contains alloy combinations chosen for specific physical and chemical characteristics.  Most importantly, Alpha’s solder pastes for paste jetting and dispensing possess the optimum rheology that assures the best performance through a wide process window for the assembly process.

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Alpha Package on Package Applications

Package on Package

The high packing density of interconnections on Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) and Chip Scale Packages (CSP) is multiplied with the Package on Package (POP) design.  Functionality is enhanced while the footprint is preserved.  Alpha has engineered dip flux and dip solder paste that enables a tight process control achieved through superior process repeatability.

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Alpha Photovoltaic Market


It has become increasingly important for solar cell materials to be very efficient and low cost, as assemblies of photovoltaic cells used to make solar modules are on the rise.  The properties of PV Ribbon contribute to solar module performance and require superior soldering material solutions.  ALPHA® PV Ribbon is manufactured using high purity copper, coated for uniform solder thickness and finished using high precision spooling.  As a leader in solder interconnect technology, Alpha can devise a process solution to maximize quality, reliability and efficiency of your solar panels.

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Flexible, Formable & Printed Electronics Banner

Flexible Printed Electronics

As more flexible devices are becoming available, the need for new product technologies to meet the specific performance and reliability requirements of flexible and printed electronic circuits increases.

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