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MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Launches ALPHA WS-826 Robust Water Soluble Solder Paste

(Waterbury, CT USA) – October 6, 2021 - MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global leader in specialty materials for electronics, announces the release of ALPHA WS-826 water soluble solder paste, designed to provide excellent environmental stability even in extreme operating conditions.


ALPHA WS-826 offers a combination of superior 8-hour stencil life at elevated temperatures and humidity levels, excellent solderability, and ease of water-based cleaning. This formulation provides consistent stencil life, tack time and print definition. It is a lead-free, zero-halogen paste designed for reflow in both air and nitrogen.


“ALPHA WS-826 is a robust water soluble solution with excellent cleanability, environmental stability and print performance in elevated conditions.” comments Paul Salerno, Global Portfolio Manager, SMT. “This latest addition to our portfolio of water soluble pastes is ideal for defense, aerospace, communications, computing and medical applications.”


For more information on MacDermid Alpha’s range of water soluble solder paste solutions, please visit


About MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions:

Through the innovation of specialty chemicals and materials under our Alpha, Compugraphics, Electrolube, Kester, and MacDermid Enthone brands, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions provides solutions that power electronics interconnection.  We serve all global regions and every step of device manufacturing within each segment of the electronics supply chain.  The experts in our Semiconductor Solutions, Circuitry Solutions, and Assembly Solutions divisions collaborate in design, implementation, and technical service to ensure success for our partner clients.  Our solutions enable our customers’ manufacture of extraordinary electronic devices at high productivity and reduced cycle time.

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